Why I’m on a mission to redefine masculinity.

Hi, I'm Ozzie Osborne (yes, that’s my real name) and I lived, what one might call a ‘normal’ life. I had a good career, found a man with a J.O.B., bought a house (except there was no picket fence), got married, found a dog, drove nice cars, had two boys, and hosted incredible parties for our friends. Everything was falling into place, according to my "plan." Until one day it all came crashing down.



Learn to RISE

After investing thousands of dollars on self-development, I concluded that in order to have a better relationship with myself and others, I needed to learn how to better align my heart (feminine energy) and mind (masculine energy) in order to RISE above the patterns of behavior that no longer served me.

Today, I am passionate about coaching people who tend to lean more on their mind (masculine) and align them with their heart in order to redefine masculinity, so men and women can RISE together.


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