Who is Ozzie?

Hi loves, I am Ozzie Osborne, yes that’s really my name. I am a former LA Jewelry Designer and a mom of two boys. I’ve dedicated the last seven years to Personal Development and emotional intelligence training. Studying, practicing, discovering and ultimately finding purpose in my greatest genius, Love & Connection.

After going through a difficult life altering event, I was determined to redefine myself and my purpose. I discovered through my pain with the end of my 14 year marriage, there was a gift.

What I discovered was a life long trail of gifts given to me through all the relationships I experienced.

My vision came clear 4 years ago while on a Love & Relationship Retreat in beautiful Maui. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that working with people to discover their desired connection was exactly what I was meant to do.

My mission is to empower people to feel free in creating healthy and loving relationships in all areas of their life…starting with themselves of course:)

My truest desire and passion to serve people along with my spiritual practices and practical daily tools, creates a powerful impact on anyone I work with. I believe that not only is the most important relationship we have (and get to value) is the one with ourselves, but that all our relationships are an opportunity for growth. I often say ‘if you want to heal and/or grow, get into a relationship, ASAP!’

Today, I reach thousands of people daily through social media and events teaching the anatomy of relationships, masculine and feminine energies, effective communication, self-discovery, redefining one’s story, and speaking the truth. I offer One-On-One Coaching with couples and individuals as well as Group Coaching. I have a podcast called The Sexy Shift and I am currently writing my first book!!! Through all my lessons and experiences, I have chosen to impact the world and a cause a ripple effect by being a stand for healthy connections everywhere I go.