Thanks for the love

My work is my life purpose and passion.

I truly enjoy getting to know my clients and being able to empower them to RISE in their relationships. Thank you to those who have generously shared their love by offering a testimonial about my coaching services.


Couples coaching for stronger relationships

“Ozzie has a way of really understanding what it is that stands in your way. She is able to pick up on the things that prevent you from communicating in your relationships what your needs are. Overall, my husband and I have been able to create a much more honest and communicative relationship with each other.” - Maya


Getting the relationship you want

“As a small business owner in Boston, I found Ozzie about a year ago and reached out to her because I was seeking help in the relationship world. As a busy entrepreneur, I was struggling with the dating apps. I was looking for advice on how to navigate the dating apps in order to get the relationship I wanted. Ozzie really helped me to enjoy dating and get over fears in my head. I learned a lot from Ozzie about masculinity and femininity, and how to be compassionate, loving and caring while also being strong and supportive in a relationship. During our work together, I actually was able to find a great relationship.”- Michael


Business and relationship coaching

“As a project manager in the web and tech space, Ozzie has helped me a lot in my work relationships. Specifically, how to communicate and get what I want. This also helped me in my personal relationships. She was able to help me think about what works for me and how to own my truth. She has been great to work with!” - Vic


Leaning more into feminine energy

"Ozzie is a powerful, intelligent, and incredibly grounded woman. Her coaching provided me with a safe space to search within myself for the answers and guidance I've been seeking. She has a delicate blend of masculine and feminine energy that creates compassion as well as results. Through our sessions, I found the power of tapping into my intuition, the freedom in finding and speaking my truth, and setting up practices of gratitude that calm my mind. I absolutely, without a doubt, refer Ozzie for a shift in perspective and to propel you into finding and attaining your vision." - Noelle