Learn to RISE

As a heart and mind coach, I take my clients through an experience which I have exclusively developed, known as the RISE program. It is a program designed to align the heart and mind for better relationships. Continue reading for more information on the RISE program or complete the discovery worksheet and we can schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation call.


Through darkness you discover your purpose…

I discovered my life purpose and passion through the darkness of my divorce. From this upset, a major trauma was triggered from my past, and I recognized that from a very early age, I learned to rely more on my masculine traits, especially in situations where I felt unsafe. As a result, I would become controlling, critical, and overpowering out of fear that my needs wouldn’t be met by my partner.

After investing thousands of dollars on self-development, I concluded that in order to have a better relationship with myself and others, I needed to learn how to better align my heart (feminine) and mind (masculine) in order to RISE above the patterns of behavior that no longer served me.

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Today, I am passionate about coaching people who tend to lean more on their mind (masculine energy) in order align their heart (feminine energy) to redefine masculinity, so men and women can RISE together. Below is a description of what we cover in each phase of the program.


Finally, we will work together on a 30-day plan which empowers you to continue to RISE.

The power is within you already to RISE. All you need to do is take the first step and complete the discovery worksheet below so we can schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation call.